Before the Lockdown.

By | 23rd April 2020

Well it’s its been over 2 months since I last did a blog, In that time I lost a close member of my family, not to Covet 19, but other respiratory problems. My dear late father, god rest him he is at piece now, no more suffering.

Just before the lockdown, and with being told I was to stay at home for the next 3 months, meant going to the places I love for  photography will have to be put on the back burner, and like most of us who enjoy taking images we have to limit what we can do. I have recently been told I can go out for a daily walk but not visit shops etc, where crowds can be a problem, saying that I can walk to the town or park and take regular  exercise, but I must keep my social distance. I have only visited my local town once since lockdown to post some mail and that was a late afternoon visit, crowds then were very small. Will post some images later.

On with the images, Where I work I am fortunate enough to able to walk round a nature reserve,before the lock down was announced by the government, the RSPB followed there advice and announced to close all reserves, so I was lucky enough to take a stroll round and take some spring like pictures.

I for one do enjoy spring,  start of new life with nature and we at the RSPB have had the start of our regular visitors to the lodge with the first clutch of eggs from the visiting geese, so this years entertainment for the staff will be missed and in time we hopefully to re open the chicks will have been born and grown up a bit, will be sad to miss these little fellers growing up. As of the rest of spring at the Lodge, when I left it was coming on nicely.