Natures New Life 14-5-20.

By | 14th May 2020

With the announcementĀ  made by the prime minister over the weekend that new measures were being implemented to ease us out of lockdown slowly, a welcome relief for lots of us meant we can start getting back to normal, or near normal as possible.

With being in isolation for nearly 8 weeks and only going out for exercise and essential travel meant a lot of my photography pursuits were put on hold. So today I decided to take a trip to Duck Lane in St Neots to see a family of Swans and their 7 cygnets. Armed with my DSLR and a 80-400mm Nikon zoom lens I made tracks to where the family was. I was talking to a kind Gentleman, 2 metres apart of course and he directed me to were they were which happened to be on a grass bank up stream from their nest, I was told that that was the furthest they have travelled since being born.

Whilst they were resting it gave me the opportunity to get used to using this camera combination again, saying that it wasn’t long before I got back into the swing of things I manged to take a good number of images of the group before they pursued back in to the water and headed back towards where they came from, isn’t nature wonderful.

I only spent a short time there, the local people that were about were kind and helpful. I would like to thank Brian Reid for the heads up about this. It was great getting out with my camera and I hopeĀ  to slowly get out more often, again it all depends on the governments next stage in the reopening of the country.