Lockdown Biggleswade. 2020

By | 25th May 2020

So now being 2 months into lockdown are we ready to go back to life as we know it ? answers on a post card please.

In this blog I decided to post these images now rather then early on in the lockdown, infact I took these photos a day or to into the lockdown whilst out doing one of my rare exercise social distance walk., mind you it was late on in the day where crowds were not in evidence as the  majority of the residence in Biggleswade were following government guidelines.

I decided to use my pocket sized Canon Camera G-7 for the task ahead and headed, not quite into the town centre just the edge of the centre so I can keep my distance and stayed  safe, as there wasn’t many folk about I felt safe. With closed shops I wanted to portray the evidence of the lockdown and with a bit of artistic licence I came away with one or two different images.

To say did I enjoy taking these pictures I had mixed feeling’s, as a photographer of the great outdoors and  with events and the wider world all not available at the moment, how long will that last is to be seen, hopefully with slow easing of the lockdown it wont be long before I and many of us photographer’s can travel further a field to pursue our passions, taking images of our wonderful world, at a social distance of course.