Key Workers. 1-6-20

By | 5th June 2020

As we slowly come out of lockdown, the thought of going out further afield to pursue my photography interest leaves me with some hope, that there is good things after bad. So as I decided this week to take a trip to a local garden centre and get some compost for my Garden, the place took me through a small village on the outskirts of Biggleswade along the B659 called Langford, a small  village with a population of about 4000. On my drive through I noticed that the village was hosting a Scarecrow competition and all competitors were allowed to display there works 3 weeks before being judged,  one think I noticed was a line up of key workers which took my interest, so as I drove back through the village I stopped took a look , and said to myself ill be back later when the light will be in my favor.

So  about 18-00 hrs I returned with my Canon G-7x and took a good number of images of the key workers, the light was nice and warm and the sun was just right, saying that I had to jut to position to avoid casting a shadow on them.

This is the start of the exhibition it runs for the next couple of weeks so I do expect to see some more in the next couple of days, Will I go back next week, not sure yet as sometimes to much of the same type of thing becomes a bit repetitive.