Looking Down.

By | 19th June 2020

Out and about in my local town, which happens to be quiet at the moment, saying that it depends what time of day you go out.
As a photographer of many things these days I decided to do something different, or think outside the box, so the decision was made to photograph objects on the ground or to be more  precise road markings and warning notices which happens to be given a new coat of paint so they notedly  stand out more.

During the lockdown the local council have been busy giving the towns road markings a new coat of paint and introducing  new warning signs on social distancing, especially around the railway station, so as a photographer I decided to take advantage of this and concentrated  pointing the camera towards the ground, armed with my pocket size  Canon G-7X I went about trying to get some thing different and at the same time  record a piece of history, who would thought 12 months ago we would be social distancing from one and another.

As I was photographing, I was getting some strange looks from passing members of the public, and I replied to one person, don’t worry about me the man in the white van will be along shortly, she looked at me and probably thought the light had gone out.

I had fun doing this and it wasn’t because I was bored and had nothing better to do it was some thing different to photograph. who knows there might be some of us photographer’s out there who do this type of photography for a living or they are just like me trying to do something different.