Lockdown Hemsby 24-6-20.

By | 29th June 2020

With lock down slowly easing  and the government’s advice is that you can travel further a field, a trip to the  Norfolk coast was the order of the day.

As the Weather was going to be one of the hottest days of the year so far I decided a trip to Hemsby to get some sea air that I was missing, usually  by this time of year I have been across to the coast more then once. I set out at 09-00hrs for the 2 hour journey which happens to take a bit less time to get there, firstly the traffic was light and the road works on the Cambridge by pass had all finished which was great.

Once arrived the first thing we did was go to the beach and take a look to see how busy it was, as reports around the country was that the beaches were full up and people were not adhering to the government’s guidelines, but hear in Hemsby there were not many people on the beach and those who were kept their distance. With a ice cream van on the beach we decide to take an opportunity to sit down, eat our ice cream and enjoy the view. After a while we decided to take a walk along  beach road to see if anything was open, as there was no cafes open for a cup of tea , saying that there was a couple of burger stands open selling drinks and food for take away only.

As we we walking around I noticed the absence of people that were there those who were  there kept there distances  even in the couple of gift shops that were open. normally this time of year it starts getting  busy. Another thing I noticed was the camp sites were getting prepared for the opening on July 4th with notices  all round of keeping your distance in evidence, its  going to be a strange one this year.

Whilst in Hemsby I visited a couple of friends to say hello, Chris  and Fay  and sat out in there respected gardens ,  to have a catchup with them, we also  had High tea around Fays , thank you Fay that was great and a nice surprise. Now it was the journey home which only took a couple of hours, got held up at one point just out side Acle.

I only took my pocket size camera with me and managed to get some nice recorded images of the day, one thing I did notice was the atmosphere was a lot clearer then it usually is this time of year, the ultraviolet levels was the highest it has been for years, all due to less pollution I hope that we in the UK after this pandemic can make strides and keep pollution down to a much  safer level.