Making History 18-7-20

By | 20th July 2020

Today was the day that history was made, the first ever drive in airshow anywhere in Europe and the UK, thanks to Covid 19.
The organizers of such event was no other then the Shuttleworth trust who came up with the idea, of course with Government  guidelines to which we all had to adhere to.
With cancellations to a lot of outdoor events this year it is now that we can start getting out and about more, keeping our social distances in mind.

So ticket was bought in advance as this was the only way to get in, and with it being restricted to 750 cars plus occupants at £50 a car it wasn’t long before they sold out their allocation. As this was an evening event, I packed up a picnic, picked up my friend and headed out to Old Warden early enough so I can hopefully bag the first row. Arrived at 12-45pm joined the small queue and waited for the gates to open at 15-00hrs, by then the queue was getting rather long.

Once in we were guided to our spot, or box area measuring 5 Mtrs X 5Mtrs parked left hand edge of the box so there was enough space between the next car so you can set up your tables and chairs without getting to close to the next occupant, luckily I bagged the front row, once you were in your box you cant stray out of it, not even to go to the fence line, which was a first, no deck chairs and tall people to obstruct the view, Love it,  that was your dedicated area for the night, unless you wanted to go to the toilet or buy refreshment’s.

On the the show.  it started at 17-30pm with a visiting  display by a blue Spitfire, PL983/L wearing the markings underneath the wings THANK U NHS, this was flown expertly by John Romain, as the rest of the show it was mainly all Shuttleworth’s  favorites and A visiting Pitts Special, saying that you needed a long lens to get anything decent out of it, it looked like it was displaying in the next village, it only came close when it did its dedicated pass.

The weather forecast kept dry with some long sunny periods and when the sun was out it was warm.  All the displays were up to a high standard, saying that they have been practicing all week, as I can hear them from my house.
All I can say is that Shuttleworth once again have come out on top, they had the foresight and the knowledge to organize this type of event with help from many volunteer’s and people like us who came along to support their efforts. I for one found this was an exceptional event, worth supporting and I hope in the next few months more such like events will get supported. I do know that there are plans  to do a similar drive in airshow on August 2nd with a theme, (at the movies).

Well done to all at Shuttleworth and thank you, and most of all thank you all who attended kept by the social distance rules. It worked.