Filby In Bloom./ A lovely Place To Be

By | 17th August 2020

Whilst I was away in Norfolk last week I decided to have a drive around to see what I could photograph, I came across a small Village called Filby which is 5 miles west of Caster and every year the locals enter for a competition called best Village in Bloom.

Filby is a  civil parish in the the English county of Norfolk, for the purpose of local government it falls within the district of Great Yarmouth. in 2002 Filby won the village category of the Britain in Bloom competition, since then it has been entering every year, each year they try to do better then the previous year. In 2018, yet again they achieved the gold medal and were voted best Village in Anglia in Bloom. Last year they also received the ultimate accolade, the same result in Britain in Bloom.

Whilst walking around with my camera and talking to a couple of friendly locals they said this years event was cancelled, due to Covid 19, but they decided to go ahead with the competition, but there were to be no judging this year, great idea to keep the locals busy during lockdown and it puts the smile back on their faces and passing traffic.

The blooms were not at its best this time of the year,  never mind they still retained a lot of the their  shape and color, the best time will probably be the month of June/July. it was worth stopping nevertheless.

I for one would like to make a return to the village next year in June, to see the blooms at their best and that the best Village Competition can get back to normal.