Down By The River 11-10-20

By | 13th October 2020

It’s  been ages since I last took a walk with my camera down by  the river  Embankment  in Bedford, so it was up early on the Sunday morning, if you call 10-00am early, some people would say this is more like afternoon than morning. Once arrived the difficult part was trying to park the car that time of day, it seems that the Bedford residents get up a lot early than some of us do, lesson learnt for the next time.

Armed with array of equipment, included the tripod to catch some long exposers of the river in motion, with some success but having to do a bit of extra work in the post processing, using a couple of merged images to make one photo art image, the joy of having photoshop on the computer and a little bit of knowledge helped me to get the result I wanted .

Whilst walking around I noticed a lot of people asking questions what are you doing, in a polite way, so I replied taking a few images and recording history of my day out, for me that is what photography is all about, if I go out these days and get about six or seven shots out of how many images you take  then that becomes a successful  day, it doesn’t happen all the time.
As the morning progressed I packed up doing the long exposers , so I packed up the tripod and started to do some hand held images of the local rowing clubs going about there business training up possibly future Olympic medalist, who knows we might have a future Steve Redgrave or Matthew Pinsent amongst them.

Had a good few hours on the Embankment didn’t take a great deal of images, but what I got I was reasonably happy with.