No Water Shortage 27-12-20.

By | 28th December 2020

With Christmas been quite for a majority of people, saying that the evidence points out that a lot of folk are having plenty of walks and exercise along the riverside at Bedford.

With the recent rise in water levels meant an opportunity, with social distance in mind to take a camera with a couple of lenses to record the occasion for historic purposes. Arrived early and managed to park at the Embankment and it was nice and sunny which attracted many people for there daily walk/exercise.
As most people were keeping there distance from one and another it made it a pleasant walk as well as taken the opportunity to take one or two images for this blog.

I had no intensions of taken the tripod with me, but as it was in the car anyway I decided to return to the car and retrieve it, glad I did as it gave me an opportunity to take a couple of images using  a 10 stop Nd filter to slow things down which is great if only the weather was a bit darker, Nd filters are great if only the conditions allow you to use them correctly and today even at the lowest iso  the  camera  can go down to, the conditions weren’t favorable, another day maybe, or I could purchase a 15 stop Nd filter, I don’t think so.

I had a good couple of hours to record such event and I came away with some acceptable images for this blog.

I like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers for  your support this year I know I haven’t done as much as I wanted  so I hope I may get out and about bit more in 2021.
Happy New Year to you all.