Snowbound ,Biggleswade.

By | 29th January 2021

This is my first blog of 2021, and again we are all still in a lockdown, for how long, nobody know, who would think that this situation would last this long.

Armed for the first time this year with my DSLR and a short zoom lens I set out to take a few winter type images during my walk as part of my daily exercise. The snow itself started of lightly, it wasn’t long before it turned heavier, within an hour it was started to get deep in places. so I started photographing just out side my house with one or to people havingĀ  fun outside and making the most of the outdoor space, this carried on for at least a good hour before it started to slow down, in which I started to walk towards the town to see what I could take, just for the record.

The first place I went was the local railway station, where a member of staff was clearing the excess snow from the platform, mind you saying that the trains that day were cancelled, due to maintenance on the line. So I proceeded towards the town and I must say there were very few people about, don’t blame them as it was getting a bit tricky under foot, by then the snow had eased up to a few flurries and the occasional heavy fall. Then I managed to take a walk by the river Ivel heading out towards Langford to take a couple of winter tress before heading back home via the town center, by then the snow had stopped.

Had a good hour or so , came back with a few nice images, some of which I have added to this blog. With Winter still upon us who knows if more of the same will happen before the winter ends.