Riverside walk Biggleswade. 2-3-02-2021

By | 6th February 2021

Another day another walk was the order of the day, this time I had the company of a good pal and fellow photographer, Brian Reid for , as normal we both put the worlds to right.

Day one of my walk, then I was on my own, I decided to walk down by the old mill and towards Langford, it wasn’t long before I noticed that one of the fields was like  a small boating lake and to get access to it meant a quick diversion across the busy A-1, once there I had to navigate my way down the small embankment to get near to the fence to proceed to take some Images, that’s what we do for our art.
Once done it was back up the embankment, across the A-1 , then back on the footpath and  headed back to Biggleswade, I must admit I haven’t seen this field flooded like that before.

The next day I had the company of Brian, this time we decided to take a walk alongside a small part of the River Ivel. We meet up at the Old Mill , both armed with cameras to record the days images, so we set off with a short walk towards Sainsburys supermarket and whilst walking I noticed that the flood plains were saturated in places which made walking off the path , our boots were sinking into the ground  to let fellow walkers pass us at a socially distance  of 2metres.

The decision for me was to have a monochromatic day as I saw things in Black and White, not everybody’s cup of tea, as there was not a lot of colour about so once I got home I made the choice to convert my images into  Monochrome  by using Silver Efex pro plug in and then started to play around with the sliders to see what I got, just like the old days in the darkroom, with a bit of dodging and burning they came up a treat.

Thanks for the company Brian, as well as the conversation on putting the worlds to right it was fab.

Brian Reid’s Blog. http://brianreidphotographer.co.uk/Blog/Entries/2021/2/6_A_Rare_Day_Out.html