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Grey Day At Ely.

By traveling a bit further afield, My friend, Ang  and I decided to spend a few hours on Good Friday at Ely. As we haven’t been to Ely for a couple of years, I thought why not have a look round to see what has changed, not a lot a couple of new shops and… Read More »

A bimble around Cambourne.

As lockdown  starts to ease, and the stay at home rule has finally been lifted  the thought of traveling further a field tempted me to stay local for the first week  anyway  and hopefully travel further as the weeks progress. Along with my friend Brian Reid we headed out to Cambridge , Wandlebury park to… Read More »

A few hours at Shuttleworth

With lockdown getting close to the end, hopefully we can all travel further afield in the Future. Hopefully I have had my  final local lockdown walk/exercise all within the governments  guidelines. This time I met up with my friend Brian Reid to take in a trip to nearby Old Warden,  to explore what the Shuttleworth… Read More »

Grey day by the river.

A trip into Bedford for my annual Wednesday walk and to catch up with my friend Brian Reid, keeping within government guidelines of social distancing and of course staying local. A walk down the Embankment to see what was on offer from a photographic point of view, I found getting there a bit later on… Read More »

Snow at Shuttleworth.

A couple of weeks back I decided to venture out to Shuttleworth to see the effects after the snow, as this was local to me I decided under the Governments guidelines to take a daily walk . As with this I knew the Shuttleworth collection it’s  self  was closed but the parks and gardens were… Read More »

Riverside walk Biggleswade. 2-3-02-2021

Another day another walk was the order of the day, this time I had the company of a good pal and fellow photographer, Brian Reid for , as normal we both put the worlds to right. Day one of my walk, then I was on my own, I decided to walk down by the old… Read More »

Snowbound ,Biggleswade.

This is my first blog of 2021, and again we are all still in a lockdown, for how long, nobody know, who would think that this situation would last this long. Armed for the first time this year with my DSLR and a short zoom lens I set out to take a few winter type… Read More »

No Water Shortage 27-12-20.

With Christmas been quite for a majority of people, saying that the evidence points out that a lot of folk are having plenty of walks and exercise along the riverside at Bedford. With the recent rise in water levels meant an opportunity, with social distance in mind to take a camera with a couple of… Read More »

Greetings From Biggleswade 2020

What a funny year this has been, normally the turning on of the lights in town is a big occasion, but with the spread of Covid 19 increasing, meant a reduced capacity, in fact I’m not sure if they did an opening night. So one evening last week I decided to take a look at… Read More »

Autumn At The Lodge.

As the second lockdown started and travel restrictions are being implemented the thought of travelling further a field have been put on hold for a short while, so it was a trip to my local nature reserve to do some woodland photography. As I live in the heart of Bedfordshire and our local nature reserve… Read More »