Lincoln Pt1

A visit to Lincoln on a cold spring like day, felt like a winters day with temperatures reaching the dizzy heights of -3 with the biting winds from the  mini beast from the east. I decided to split this blog into two sections, firstly concentrate on the city itself, then in part two look at… Read More »

Winters Lodge.

The recent cold snap gave me the opportunity to capture some images at my place of work. The beast from the east combined with strong easterly winds made it the coldest end to the winter in a good number of years. We hear at the heart of Bedfordshire got off lightly, whilst the rest of… Read More »

Regent Road Yarmouth.

A few weeks ago ,a friend and I spent a weekend in Norfolk’s major seaside town, Gt Yarmouth. In This blog I decided to concentrate on the major street that is Yarmouth, Regent Road, which happens to be a unique tourist attraction in the town. With its wide pedestrian avenue leading from the town centre… Read More »

St Ives 24-2-18

Last weekend made the annual trip to St Ives, Cambs to view Interprint 2018, held at the free church. Not being a member this year of a camera club,  meant for a good number of years my work was not represented for my local club, so nice to go along and watch rather then participate… Read More »

Evening Stroll Gt Yarmouth

A recent trip to Gt Yarmouth, as the weather for the weekend  looked promising. With the light nights slowly pulling out,meant a evening stroll along the sea front  to take a few images of the evening light. I decided to pick on shapes within the picture as well as the wonderful light on the pier… Read More »


A recent trip to Old Warden, The Shuttleworth Collection to renew my membership to the SVAS, Shuttleworth Veteran  Aviation  Society. Whilst I was there I had a look through the hangers, as a member you gain free access to the collection throughout the year as well as discount to the Air shows and shop purchases.… Read More »

Creative Valentine 14-2-18

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the feast of Saint Valentine; the celebration of love and affection. for the cynics amongst us, Saint Valentine is the patron Saint of Shopkeepers and Florist. I decided to try out my new Galaxy A5 mobile camera phone which is one of the Snapdragon 615 CPU: 16-megapixel,… Read More »

Night life

This is the second part to my recent trip to London for lumiere 2018. This time it is Nightlife, lead by UK artist Jo Pocock and the Lantern company, turn Leicester Square Gardens into an illuminated world,bringing a sense of the wild into the heart of the capital. We arrived at 16-30,had a quick bit to… Read More »

Light of the Spirit 2018

A trip to London was the order of the day to capture images of Lumiere 2018,in London. I decided to go late afternoon, as the creative light show wasn’t switched on to 17-30 hrs. This spectacular lighting show was held at various parts of the capital  during the weekend 18-21 January, I managed to see parts… Read More »

New Year In Norfolk

Spending time in Norfolk for the New Year was on the cards, not only did we visit friends,  I had the opportunity to take a few images of the area to start the 2018 blog season. Based in Great Yarmouth for my short stay, with the weather being not so good the opportunities were limited,… Read More »