Season Premier 5-5-19

What a difference a day makes, this time last year we were baking in record temperatures of 28 degrees, this year the temperatures barely got up to 12 degrees which made it the coldest May day weekend here at the famous Shuttleworth Collection  for their airshow premier 2019. All wrapped up warm and ready for the start… Read More »

New Arrivals

Here at the headquarters of the RSPB at  Sandy  the annual get together of a family of Grey lags is in evidence, not only one pair of Geese but 2 pairs which meant there was a bun fight for space on the swimming pool at the back of the lodge  garden. Saying that at the… Read More »

Bluebell Time. 2019

It’s that time of year once again when spring has sprung and new shoots of life begin, the thoughts of cold winters nights has finally been put to bed. Here at the RSPB headquarters at Sandy nature is finally waking up, we have had the snowdrop’s and daffodil’s it is now time for the carpet of… Read More »

Gt Yarmouth Pier 20-4-19

I took an evening stroll along the sea front at Yarmouth, to capture the Britannia pier during the blue hour. As the temperature took a tumble in the evening, it wasn’t long before I started to feel the cold, so it was on with the extra layers to keep me warm, a good job I… Read More »

Easter At Happisburgh 19-4-19

With the weather being at its best this Easter, a weekend trip to Norfolk was the plan. With photography not in mind, I decided to take the camera just in case anything caught my eye. With a couple of hours spare I decide to take a 30min trip to Happisborough to photograph the beach  and… Read More »

Evening At Wattisham 14-4-19

After visiting RAF Mildenhall it was a 40 mile trip to a former RAF base, Wattisham, for another Timeline event. This time it was to photograph a Phantom, Hunter, Lightning cockpit and a few rotary’s that belong to the Wattisham Station Heritage Museum. On arrival we had to check in at the main gate and all of us… Read More »

At The Fence, Mildenhall. 14-4-19

As I was on my way to an event, I decided to leave home early and spend a few hours at RAF Mildenhall, before commencing my journey onwards. For those of you that don’t know RAF Mildenhall, it’s the home of the 100th Air refueling  wing, USAF, tanker fleet that provides air support for air operations for USAF and NATO.… Read More »

Fishing BoatCreation.

Had a recent visit to Norfolk to help a friend get the chalet’s ready for the summer season, once the work was done I managed to get a bit of time to myself. With photography not on the agenda, the only access to a camera was with my camera phone, mind you it did make a… Read More »

Creative Vulcan 23-3-19

Another day, another Time Line event this time it was a photo shoot with the Avro Vulcan that belongs to the Vulcan Restoration Trust, based at Southend airport. Arriving early was the order of the day as this was a sell out event, so me thinking the world and his wife would be in attendance, to my… Read More »

Chinooks At Odiham 20-3-19

A first time visit to Royal Air Force,( RAF) Odiham was the order of the day, thanks to Timeline events for a afternoon, evening and night shoot organized in aid of  the Jon Egging Trust, (JET). RAF Odiham is situated south of the historic village of Odiham in Hampshire just off the M3 Motorway, junction 5 … Read More »