Looking Down.

Out and about in my local town, which happens to be quiet at the moment, saying that it depends what time of day you go out. As a photographer of many things these days I decided to do something different, or think outside the box, so the decision was made to photograph objects on the… Read More »

Key Workers. 1-6-20

As we slowly come out of lockdown, the thought of going out further afield to pursue my photography interest leaves me with some hope, that there is good things after bad. So as I decided this week to take a trip to a local garden centre and get some compost for my Garden, the place… Read More »

Lockdown Biggleswade. 2020

So now being 2 months into lockdown are we ready to go back to life as we know it ? answers on a post card please. In this blog I decided to post these images now rather then early on in the lockdown, infact I took these photos a day or to into the lockdown… Read More »

Natures New Life 14-5-20.

With the announcement  made by the prime minister over the weekend that new measures were being implemented to ease us out of lockdown slowly, a welcome relief for lots of us meant we can start getting back to normal, or near normal as possible. With being in isolation for nearly 8 weeks and only going… Read More »

VE Day Creations 8-5-20

I decided this time to take my pocket camera with me on my daily social distance walk around the estate that I live in to see if I can capture some VE 75th Anv day images for the record, I must admit I wasn’t disappointed. The locals that put the bunting around their properties have… Read More »

Before the Lockdown.

Well it’s its been over 2 months since I last did a blog, In that time I lost a close member of my family, not to Covet 19, but other respiratory problems. My dear late father, god rest him he is at piece now, no more suffering. Just before the lockdown, and with being told… Read More »

Norfolk weekend 7-9-2-2020

I managed to get away for a short break, with recent happenings with a family member I got permission to go. So it was a trip to Norfolk to catch up with a few friends and take a few images into the bargain, as the weather forecast was going to be stormy with the immanent  arrival… Read More »

The Riverside. 2 Feb 2020.

Hopefully I’m back after a short break due to illness in my family, family first I’m afraid. I Managed to get-out on Sunday for the first time with my SLR for at least 2 months, this time it was a trip along the riverside at nearby Bedford. With Christmas a distant memory it was time to… Read More »

New year from Hemsby. 1-1-2020

Happy New Year to you all and greetings from Hemsby, Norfolk This is the first blog for 2020 and this time its from the coastal village of Hemsby, as with tradition I for one like to visit a nearby coastline to start the New Year in style. It was an early start to the day with… Read More »

Greetings from Biggleswade.

This is my last blog for 2019, I would like to thank all of my followers that have been looking at my site in 2019. So here we go, spreading a bit Christmas cheer from my home town of Biggleswade and like most towns and villages  in the UK this time of year the local authorities/Shop owners… Read More »