Erosion On Hemsby Beach. Easter 2018

By | 2nd April 2018

With the recent news that the holiday homes/resident accommodations  are sitting dangerously close to the cliff edge. Coastal erosion has left some cliff-top homes in Hemsby, Norfolk uninhabitable. With recent stormy conditions that battered the coastline left some residents without a home left to call there own, some of the Hemsby residents are breathing a sigh of relief  to find out that there homes have survived an onslaught of high winds and waves, some of which were 3 metres high, but for how long before the next onslaught.
Having visited Hemsby for a good number of years, I have seen that part of the coastline change year after year, and recorded the change for the history books.
Armed with my older DSLR, Nikon D-300 and my pocket sized Canon G-7x I set to task and recorded the state of the Beach and surrounding cliff tops. Early morning on Good Friday I went to the beach and I noticed the high tide was in, this time it was right up to the bottom of the cliff/sand dunes, this is the first time that I have witnessed this in all of years that I have been coming to the area, not good. I managed to take a few images of the incoming tide, but had to return later in the day to photograph the debris that was left behind from the recent storms.
I managed to visit the beach each day  during my Easter Visit while I was there, Morning and late afternoon each time I managed to take different images, it was so nice to see so many people on the beach, even though  it was bitterly cold.