Monthly Archives: July 2018

Misty Morning By The River.

Whilst visiting the Royal International Air Tattoo this month, blogs on this event to follow latter in the year. With early morning starts meant a trip past the tiny Cotswolds village  of Letchlade, on this particular morning it was very misty which gave me the opportunity to go to the river Thames and take some… Read More »

Yeovilton Air Day 7-7-18

The weekend of the 7th July is the start of a very busy week in the world of aviation. So it was early doors for me and a 170, mile trek to Somerset to take in the annual Yeovilton International Air Day 2018.With the weather being hot of late and a large crowd  to be… Read More »

Military Pageant 1-7-18

Its the first Sunday of the month, so its  Shuttleworth time , once again the weather was kind again and the participants never failed to impress the audience in attendance. The main theme of this event was to celebrate  the Great war, with winds not  in there favor the flying program went to plan with aircraft having the… Read More »