Flamborough Pt.-2

By | 5th October 2018

So it was the short drive past base camp to another  part of the Flamborough  cliff faces, this time it was the North landing.
Once arrived the weather was getting worse, so had to wait in the car for a while before venturing  out to have a look. Once out I took a look over the top and found myself in a different world, a photographers paradise, only my opinion.
So a steep decent to the beach, once there I found a few caves to venture in as well as old fishing boats that have seen better days, I didn’t mind as old fishing detritus made great subjects to photograph.
Looking towards the skies I noticed another weather front heading my way, decided to grab a few more images before I get caught out, so it was a climb up the lifeboat ramp, and a strong head wind which did not help, managed to get back to the car in time.
Once the front went through we headed the short distance back to base camp and reflected on what we saw and photographed.