A Morning At Filey.

By | 6th October 2018

This was our final day in Yorkshire before heading back South to home the next morning.
A morning visit to the  seaside town of Filey, which happened to be 25 mins  away from base.
Filey is a small seaside town and civil parish in North Yorkshire, Historically part of the East Riding of Yorkshire.
Arrived early as the forecast for the afternoon wasn’t going to be good as storm, Helene  was going to hit this part of the world by lunchtime, the forecasters were not wrong.
As this wasn’t going to be a photography day so I left cameras back at base, which meant the only source I had was my mobile phone, could not resist taking a few with it and was pleased with the results.
I found the town centre a bit small with only a few shops available, for a reasonable large town I thought that was strange, mind you the sea front was long with plenty to look at and admire, but it was the climb back up towards the town was a bit hard going, keeps you fit as I found with a lot of places in the area, a nice walk down but the walk up hill can get you if you are not use to it. we headed back towards base by early lunchtime called in to local hostelry to have a bit of lunch before proceeding back to base and get sorted out before Helene came by and said I’m here folks.