Jetfest 18 28-9-18

By | 8th October 2018

With the airshow season rapidly coming to the end its time to look at  alternative places, events to visit during the rest of the year.
With the announcement that a small gathering of early 70s jets that are on the civil register, organizer’s at North Weald got together and organized JetFest 2018.
So it was left to TLE, Time line Events to put together a Evening and night shoot for photographers ,for a small fee of £65.00, some of which went to Essex Air Ambulance Service.
Arrived mid afternoon to this historic airfield and we were allowed to take images whilst the ground crews  were putting the aircraft into position, and what a nice array of aircraft we had the pleasure to photograph.
It was nice to witness for the first time a taxi run of a Hindustan Gnat T-1, ex Indian Air Force, still retaining  its Indian markings, first for me and many others that were gathered for this shoot.
As the afternoon led to the evening the light got better and with that the setting sun made for some good evening silhouettes which gave a nice mood to the images, makes a change to do this type of photography.
As the light faded it was time for the night shoot and the event organizer’s supplied adequate lighting to light up the aircraft and put a reenactor in the mix, dressed up in flying gear for that period, for me that was a plus. Another plus worth a mention, the ground crew arranged  a semi circle of Jet Provost, started with a early type Mk-1 to the Strikemaster variant which was nice to see and photograph, had to take a few images and stitched them all together in Photoshop later, made a good panorama.
So there we have it, tripods away till the next time, had a great few hours at what was a great event, a rerun next year would be good.
Thanks go to Clive and all at Time Line, and hopefully be attending such like events in the future.