New Arrivals

By | 4th May 2019

Here at the headquarters of the RSPB at  Sandy  the annual get together of a family of Grey lags is in evidence, not only one pair of Geese but 2 pairs which meant there was a bun fight for space on the swimming pool at the back of the lodge  garden.
Saying that at the last count I managed to count 20 Adult Geese in one day, all of which are probably siblings from the past, who knows.
Mind you if I was a Goose I wouldn’t mind staying there for a bit, not many predators to bring up a family, only a regular Heron who tries to take his chance at a easy meal, with the adult Geese on guard, good luck with that.

Over the last 2 weeks I was taking a few images of the new arrivals,with one clutch of 6 arrived a fortnight ago and the latest clutch of 4 arrived 2 days ago, saying that one of the latest clutch did not survive even with human intervention, so sad, that’s natures life. This time I used a couple of my medium lenses, and I found the 300mm F-4  Nikon lens was a great lens to use it kept me at a safe distance from the adult parents, I for one would not liked to be pecked by one of those adults. The other lens I used was a Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 fast lens, this was fine but I had to get that little bit closer which upset the adults a bit, saying that they are probably used to me by now, wouldn’t want to take a chance. That’s not all it is hoped that a 3rd clutch will arrive in a day or so, have to wait till I return after the bank holiday weekend, and a clutch of ducklings might arrive as well, its all happening here at the RSPB headquarters.

With the possible increases in Adobe software subscription to £20.00 a month, I decided to use a copy of, On One Photo Raw software which I purchased a year ago to process my  images as this may be the only way forward in the future, you only pay for this once and you get one update free, it takes a bit of time to adjust and get use to the interface, with time you will soon get the hang of it, personally its not bad, some say the latest version is more user friendly I will probably get the latest version later on in the year, when they upgrade it.
I had great fun taking these images I got some nice sharp photos and it was great to get some use out of my Nikon 300mm telephoto lens, recommend this one, quality optics brings quality results.