Ickwell May Day 6-5-19

By | 9th May 2019

A short visit to nearby  Ickwell for the Annual May Day festival was the order of the day.
Ickwell is a hamlet in a leafy part of Bedfordshire 3 miles west of Biggleswade, with the settlements of Upper and Lower Caldecote, Thorncote,  Brook End, Vinager Hill and Budna, the hamlet of Ickwell makes up the civil parish of Northill.

The May day festival, first documented in the churchwardens accounts of c. 1565  takes place on the first Monday in May and celebrates the arrival of spring.
I arrived at Ickwell shortly before 12-00pm, parked up and I took a short walk to the nearby village of Northill were on arrival outside the local hostelry the celebrations began with traditional  Morris men dancers were doing there traditional dancing to the sound of a accordion, all appreciated by the local crowd in attendance.

After a Quick refreshments both sets of dancers continued to dance before it was time for the traditional march to the Village green in Ickwell, which happens to be a 20min walk away, this was all done with the sound of a beating drum, once arrived at the green it was time to do the traditional hand overs and crown the new queen, this takes about 45mins to complete.
Armed with my Nikon D-300, a couple of short range lenses I set out to take some images to record the day, most of which were people in their traditional costumes that were worn back in the days, with bonnets and reefs of tradition spring like flowers, all part of the scene.
For the short time I was in attendance, I came away with some nice memories and images, and for this blog I hoped to capture what I thought was a traditional past time, long may it live.