New Arrivals Pt-2

By | 26th May 2019

It’s been nearly a month since I photographed the goslings here  at the RSPB headquarters, Sandy, and in that time they have grown quite a bit.
So the state of play is, we had 3 sets of goslings this time, the first to arrive we had 6, the next to arrive 2 weeks later we had 4, lost one to the elements and then the 3rd set we had 4 again 10 days later, in which only 1 survived to date, that leaves a grand total of 10, not bad this year.

I decided to concentrate on photographing the first set that have been with us from day one, I must admit they are getting bigger by the day, and also they are getting their own charactor and personality, I must say the parents are allowing me to approch the goslings without fear, saying that I did not get to close.

By using a  70-200mm lens I didnt have to get to close, as they were quite happy for me to be there. Within the next 4 weeks the geese and their  goslings will be gone for another year, shame really as this gave staff and public alike enjoyment during their visit to the back of the main house.
I have been having great fun watching our visitors grow up during the last month and I hope for a few weeks more to watch them grow up more before they fledge, and my guess is they will be back next year for a repeat performance, I wish them safe and well for the next year or so.