Monthly Archives: May 2020

Lockdown Biggleswade. 2020

So now being 2 months into lockdown are we ready to go back to life as we know it ? answers on a post card please. In this blog I decided to post these images now rather then early on in the lockdown, infact I took these photos a day or to into the lockdown… Read More »

Natures New Life 14-5-20.

With the announcement  made by the prime minister over the weekend that new measures were being implemented to ease us out of lockdown slowly, a welcome relief for lots of us meant we can start getting back to normal, or near normal as possible. With being in isolation for nearly 8 weeks and only going… Read More »

VE Day Creations 8-5-20

I decided this time to take my pocket camera with me on my daily social distance walk around the estate that I live in to see if I can capture some VE 75th Anv day images for the record, I must admit I wasn’t disappointed. The locals that put the bunting around their properties have… Read More »