Vintage Day 6-9-20.

By | 11th September 2020

Another drive in airshow organized by the Shuttleworth Collection. This happened to be the 3rd one, so I purchased a ticket which allowed me and a Pal, Brian Reid to attend.
With a fixed amount of cars and occupants, this allowed a much smaller attendance, which falls in line with the Governments Covid 19 guidelines.

Arrived at 09-45am to be greeted by a good number of vehicles in front of us which meant that the front row was never going to happen, saying that once we were in  in our allocated 5×5 mtr  box we ended up only 3 rows  back from the front, I say that was a success.

This show was slightly different from the previous two, they allowed us to walk around the hangers and take advantage of the flightline, that allowed us to take images of the participating aircraft in the afternoons display. Once the display started we were ordered back to our allocated boxes to watch the display, whilst the Marshalls kept an eye on us so we don’t decide to break the rules and walk to the crowd line, most people did obey the ruling those who  didn’t understand  were either selfish or forgot about social distancing, there was one or two who thought they can flounce the rules.

On with the show. It started with a visiting Catalina from nearby Duxford, once again the aircraft landed earlier during the morning, to allow visitor’s a good look at it. Highlights of the show, to many to mention them all,  a superb display by 4 Civilian Stampe biplanes which performed a aerial ballet routine which had the audience stunned in amazement, and worthy of a round of applause afterword’s.  and one of the strangest exhibits on display was a Civilian Coupe, for me that was the first time I had seen it, mind you the undercarriage wheels remind me of  something from a vintage pram, well it is a vintage display that was on offer.

With the usual Shuttleworth fair taking part  during the afternoon it gave the organizers plenty of time for the wind to die down to allow for the Edwardian aircraft to take to the sky, and what a delight, Avro Triplane, Bristol Box kite  and the final participant the Bristol Monoplane all of which participated in glorious evening light.

All of us who attended were treated to a great afternoons flying that only Shuttleworth can provide. Thank you all at Old Warden for keeping them alive. Thanks to Brian Reid for suppling transport for the day in his new Kia electric vehicle, I did Ask him did you need some money for kilowatt usage for the day.