Snow at Shuttleworth.

By | 11th February 2021

A couple of weeks back I decided to venture out to Shuttleworth to see the effects after the snow, as this was local to me I decided under the Governments guidelines to take a daily walk . As with this I knew the Shuttleworth collection it’s  self  was closed but the parks and gardens were open for all to see, so there I went armed with my DSLR and a couple of short to medium lenses I set out to record the days activities.

Arrived early, infact it was about 10-00am, just as it opened,  and the only people that were about were the staff, as members of the public were probably staying inside for warmth. I must admit it certainly looks different when there is snow about, infact it gives it a different view altogether. As the morning wore on more people started to arrive , mainly young family’s with small children, most probably taking a break from home education. After my tour around the Swiss garden I headed of for a nice warm cup of coffee by one of the Kiosk that was serving and it was great to see and it kept me warm.

Once the coffee break was over I headed back towards  to the car, still looking around for some images that caught my eye I must admit there was one or two that I could not resist taking.

I had a good couple of hours wandering around took a few images for the record ,as well as a few for this blog.