Grey day by the river.

By | 6th March 2021

A trip into Bedford for my annual Wednesday walk and to catch up with my friend Brian Reid, keeping within government guidelines of social distancing and of course staying local.

A walk down the Embankment to see what was on offer from a photographic point of view, I found getting there a bit later on in the morning the parking of the car was a bit tight in places, never the less I found a space, where as Brian had to park his car a bit further away. With the weather being a bit on the grey, misty side meant that the lighting was flat which suited me as a photographer as the shadows were not in evidence,  this made the photography easy to accomplish.

With spring just around the corner, early evidence was in abundance with daffodil’s along the embankment as well as early spring growth meant that hopefully winter is behind us and warmth will be with us shortly. The first thing I noticed was the detritus that was left behind during the recent floods which left some parts of the Embankment with a bit of work to tiding it up. During my stroll I also noticed  many people with family’s walking and taking there daily exercise all wrapped up keeping warm.

With the local wild fowl in abundance most of which was expecting to be feed  by the locals I noticed a small family of Egyptian geese, so nice to see, and they were posing for pictures, could not get to near as I didn’t want to frighten the gosling, saying that I think the adult Goose is so used to people being around. Had a good hour or so taking images  as well as exercise, took quite a few images so I had to cull  them down to 9 for this blog.