A bimble around Cambourne.

By | 6th April 2021

As lockdown  starts to ease, and the stay at home rule has finally been lifted  the thought of traveling further a field tempted me to stay local for the first week  anyway  and hopefully travel further as the weeks progress.
Along with my friend Brian Reid we headed out to Cambridge , Wandlebury park to find that we could not get in as all the parking facility’s  were full , as it was school holidays the place was packed out, so it was the second choice for photography, Cambourne a much less inhabitable  place, plenty of parking available.

Cambourne is a new settlement and civil parish in Cambridgeshire, in the district of South Cambridgeshire  it lies on the A-428 road between Cambridge and St Neots, nearer Cambridge. It comprises the three villages of GT Cambourne, Lower Cambourne And upper Cambourne  and over the years it has grown and before long it will be as big as St Neots.

Photographically it has a lot to offer especially around the business park, with architecture , and fauna and flora  in abundance. The business park itself houses a number of key company’s  and photographing  at closequarters  had its challenges. as security is a bit jumpy so photographing company signs was a no go, saying that there was plenty of other things to photograph any way which did not upset the security guys.

As well as the shops that were pretty quite, it seems to me that Cambourne is not a busy place or its a  place were people commute from. Cambourne  also offers the residents plenty of green space to walk and take exercise which is great for those who want peace and quite.

Had a good 2 hours walking around the place plenty to photograph  and see and again its on my door step.