Grey Day At Ely.

By | 10th April 2021

By traveling a bit further afield, My friend, Ang  and I decided to spend a few hours on Good Friday at Ely.

As we haven’t been to Ely for a couple of years, I thought why not have a look round to see what has changed, not a lot a couple of new shops and a few new houses been built on the outskirts of this Cambridgeshire Cathedral city.
Ely is the second smallest city, and the main market town in East Cambridgeshire and has good road access to the city, with free parking for all. As the shops were closed due to lockdown restrictions, there were plenty of folk around going about there daily business, the cafes were offering takeaway food aswell as hot or cold beverage’s.

Armed with my pocket sized Canon G-7x  I decided to take a few images for the record, and I for one was not disappointed with what can be achieved  if only you open your eyes and look. No visit to the city would be complete without an Image of the Cathedral, which is know as the ship of the Fens.

Once I got the images home ,had a quick look through and in the end decided to be a bit creative in the edit side for the final cut. Had a nice few hours in Ely, photographically has a lot to offer for the photographer and once the shops begin to open after 12th April lets hope this city can get back on its feet.