New Visitors at The Lodge, RSPB Sandy

By | 12th April 2021

My first week back to the lodge and to my surprise we have got 6 new visitors, Dartmoor ponies, which will be with us for a few months grazing amongstĀ the heather. As per RSPB wishes I was asked notĀ  to post any thing on social media sites until the 12th April, to avoid mass crowds gathering on the site whilst still in lockdown until today.

Whilst walking around with my friend Brian Reid we decided to take the Buzzard Trail, as the Ponies were spotted in this area a few hours earlier. As the weather had been spring like it was nice to have a walk around this part of the reserve and take in the new spring growth especially the Silver Birches. Whilst the sun was in and out of the fast moving clouds it took a bit longer to walk around, as per photography normal we were waiting for the right light.

As we walked further round there seems to be no sight of the ponies, and it wasn’t till we got to the end of the trail, by the gate house I noticed a small gathering of people social distancing congregating and discussing about how nice it is to see them. As the ponies were a small distance away it was out with my 70-200mm 2.8 lens so I can at least fill the frame and it being slightly backlit they made interesting images.

Once finished it was a walk down the drive to the car, taking in some more spring like images and it is also nice this time of year to see the Cherry blossom outside of the Stable block looking at its best..