New Beginnings at the Lodge.

By | 21st April 2021

With spring in the air it’s time to look to see what changes are happening  with our nature.
Firstly the trees are starting to get their coats on and wildlife has started to produce their  latest crop of youngsters.

For me being back to work and working on a nature reserve the changes are happening fast, firstly the regular Grey Lag Geese have arrived and made themselves at home on the garden pond  and in the last few days the first clutch of 4 gosling’s have hatched, and hopes are for the other set of eggs will hatch and bring a few more additions to this years brood, in the near future.

Whilst I was away a pair of ducks have taken home in our compound, it is hoped that ducklings will be with us soon.

As of the fauna and flora, early buds are starting to develop nicely and the silver birches are getting a nice spring green colour to them, so as the weeks go on the trees will have their canopy’s back and the rest of the adult  wildlife will see there youngster’s growing up and start to defend their selves against the predator’s who are after an easy meal, so summer, hopefully is on its way.

I must admit the 4 goslings have got the R factor to them, what’s not to like about them.