Riverside walk Biggleswade. 2-3-02-2021

Another day another walk was the order of the day, this time I had the company of a good pal and fellow photographer, Brian Reid for , as normal we both put the worlds to right. Day one of my walk, then I was on my own, I decided to walk down by the old… Read More »

Snowbound ,Biggleswade.

This is my first blog of 2021, and again we are all still in a lockdown, for how long, nobody know, who would think that this situation would last this long. Armed for the first time this year with my DSLR and a short zoom lens I set out to take a few winter type… Read More »

No Water Shortage 27-12-20.

With Christmas been quite for a majority of people, saying that the evidence points out that a lot of folk are having plenty of walks and exercise along the riverside at Bedford. With the recent rise in water levels meant an opportunity, with social distance in mind to take a camera with a couple of… Read More »

Greetings From Biggleswade 2020

What a funny year this has been, normally the turning on of the lights in town is a big occasion, but with the spread of Covid 19 increasing, meant a reduced capacity, in fact I’m not sure if they did an opening night. So one evening last week I decided to take a look at… Read More »

Autumn At The Lodge.

As the second lockdown started and travel restrictions are being implemented the thought of travelling further a field have been put on hold for a short while, so it was a trip to my local nature reserve to do some woodland photography. As I live in the heart of Bedfordshire and our local nature reserve… Read More »

Down By The River 11-10-20

It’s  been ages since I last took a walk with my camera down by  the river  Embankment  in Bedford, so it was up early on the Sunday morning, if you call 10-00am early, some people would say this is more like afternoon than morning. Once arrived the difficult part was trying to park the car… Read More »

Vintage Day 6-9-20.

Another drive in airshow organized by the Shuttleworth Collection. This happened to be the 3rd one, so I purchased a ticket which allowed me and a Pal, Brian Reid to attend. With a fixed amount of cars and occupants, this allowed a much smaller attendance, which falls in line with the Governments Covid 19 guidelines.… Read More »

Lowestoft .

Whilst on a recent holiday in Norfolk I decided to go for a day to Lowestoft to have a look around somewhere different. Lowestoft is an English North Sea coast town and civil parish in the county of Suffolk. It is famous for being  the most easterly town and the first to see sunrise in… Read More »

Filby In Bloom./ A lovely Place To Be

Whilst I was away in Norfolk last week I decided to have a drive around to see what I could photograph, I came across a small Village called Filby which is 5 miles west of Caster and every year the locals enter for a competition called best Village in Bloom. Filby is a  civil parish… Read More »

Making History 18-7-20

Today was the day that history was made, the first ever drive in airshow anywhere in Europe and the UK, thanks to Covid 19. The organizers of such event was no other then the Shuttleworth trust who came up with the idea, of course with Government  guidelines to which we all had to adhere to.… Read More »